Blaseball: The Musical

24 hours to write. 24 hours to rehearse and record. 24 hours to edit.

A show to end all shows...and possibly the multiverse.

Coyote Wall

Coyote Wall is campfire country-folk for fans of laughter, melancholy, roaring harmony, and paranoid conspiracy.

Deidra Skye

The Garages

An anarcho-syndicalist Blaseball band from the fictional location of Seattle. They make songs about being gay, the apocalypse, and fighting the gods.

Gender Chores

A noisy and assertive punk band, Gender Chores has been making their name known in the queer-punk music scene since forming in 2018, following the lead of the riot grrrl movement. In doing so, they’ve crafted a tone that’s uniquely their own, embodying the DIY spirit and knocking crowds over in live performances.

Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere is the artist name of Yana (it/they). Yana is an enigma, even to itself, in both identity and in music. It's a bit new to this whole music thing, but has built up too much momentum to stop now.

June September

June September is a Seattle based artist with a ukulele and some synthesizers. Inspired by folkpunk friends and nightcore upbringings, they're hoping to entertain you with cute songs about their world and others.



Putrid Shark

A noise/sludge/doom experimental music collective.

Thank The Bus Driver